pottery & art




  • Payments is made at bg 164-3683, Leonettes Konst & Keramik. Please notify week for workshop and your name along with payment.

  • All courses start Thursday morning and last until Saturday evening 18:00 (except week 25). I will demonstrate and teach how I work with coppar-matt, sawdust, saggarfired and peeloff. We also learn to repair with gold, Kinsakori in Japanese.

  • In the mailing, you also get tips on accommodations, if you want to have a kitchen of your own, or to be served breakfast... One more thing: you need to have bisquit fired goods with you as the courses are not for beginners.

  • For more information and prices please email to dan@leonette.com, call or text me at +46 (0)70-261 47 02. Welcome!   BACK